Monthly Archives: August 2015

Blog: Windows 10 Privacy Settings

There has been a lot of chat on the internet regarding the privacy settings in Windows 10. When you first install and configure Windows 10 the installer will encourage you to choose “Express Settings” which I think most users (including me) will choose. However this will perhaps give Microsoft more information about you than is comfortable. So with this in mind I thought it best to go back and review the privacy setting on my two Windows 10 computers and document what I find.

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Tech Note: Installing Microsoft .NET Framework 4

I’ve talked about upgrades before and the fact that they are part of a Technical Support Professionals job. The other day I was asked to upgrade a web application on a production file server. Ok no problem, the developers documented the process, I can fully backup the web application and its backend database, however the latest version is built using Microsoft .Net v4. So, how to upgrade the version of Dot Net Framework required? Follow the instructions below and you should be ok.

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