News: Lumia 930 Software Update

Last week my Lumia 930 received a software update. The initial notification came through Monday evening, however I did not perform the update until the following day. All in all it took approx. 20 minutes to complete, here are a few screen shots and comments.
The initial notification came through, update is ready, no further details


Before installing the update I took a couple of screen shots of the software versions, see below



After the upgrade completed I checked all the versions and the only difference is the Firmware Revision Number, which now reports as 02540.00019.15235.40008


So, a firmware upgrade has been applied. Not sure what fixes or enhancements this update delivers at this point, maybe it’s in preparation for the Windows 10 Mobile rollout, now scheduled for the New Year, let’s hope so.

Thanks for reading

TSP Admin