Blog: Thinking about my cloud storage options


One place for everything in your life. That’s  the Onedrive tag line Microsoft promoted about a year ago when they gave all Office 365 subscribers unlimited storage. However its not quite as we thought…

So on Tuesday Microsoft announced significant changes its consumer cloud service OneDrive. The changes which will impact me are the reduction of free storage down from 15GB to 5GB and the removal of the 15BG camera roll bonus, plus the limited paid plans, resulting in only one option of  50 GB for $1.99 per month being a feasible solution for me.

Here is what I currently have


Looking at this then, I’m going to lose my Surface Bonus on the 30th December, not a surprise I knew this, however with my free plan due to be reduced, and the camera roll bonus being removed, that’s going to leave me a little short. My current usage is 39GB, which does not fit into the 5GB I’m left with, so what to do?

Looking at my options as of today (8th November 2015) they look ok. I can get 100GB for $1.99 a month. Looking at my current usage and tentatively speculating my future needs I think that should cover it, however a 50GB plan as proposed by Microsoft would not be sufficient for my needs going forward.


What is unclear to me at this point in time is what happens if I do select the 100GB plan now, will it be reduced down to 50GB when the changes come in, or will I be able to continue on the 100GB one.

Going forward I will sign up for the currently available 100GB plan, with that hope that I will be able to continue with it when the 50GB version comes in. However I’m considering all the options available, I do feel cloud storage is the way to go and I’m not keen on resurrecting my home server and purchasing a couple of 1TB drives. Watch this space….

TSP Admin