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Blog: Microsoft Store NYC

My trip to New York City back in October 2022 turned out pretty much as I expected, fun, fast and furious. Apart from all the usual sightseeing tourist attractions, the Statue of Liberty, Rockefeller Centre, Times Square and so on I also wanted to have a quick look around the Microsoft Store. Located on Fifth Avenue, Manhattan, It has a range of products, services and experiences on offer.

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Blog: Tech Support for a Friend

This week I received an email from a friend wanting some advice regarding an email issue they were having. The email went along the lines of…

“I have become aware that someone is impersonating me recently using my email address. This person has been in contact with a friend of mine. Fortunately, they did not believe the person and just deleted the email. Today, I have had an email from Amazon saying a person got into my Amazon account! I immediately changed my password for Amazon.”

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Blog: Percy’s Mission to Mars

On the 30th July 2020, the latest mission to the red planet lifted off from Cape Canaveral, Florida. The rocket, an Atlas V, the payload on board, the Perseverance Rover, its destination, Jezero Crater on Mars. The voyage will take seven months, and is scheduled to make it’s decent on the 18th February 2021. Once on the ground Perseverance, nicknamed ‘Percy’ will explore the Martian surface to expand our understanding of the red planet and its mysterious past.

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Blog: Another Phishing Email, Beware!

Scams on the internet are all too common these days, and unfortunately, the scammers, bad guys, or hackers, whatever you want to call them are becoming all to cleaver in their attempts to trick us into giving away our personal or financial information. However, there are a few things that give them away, and once you know what to look out for you should be better prepared to spot them in the future.

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Blog: 2016 Review

2016 was the second full year for TechSupportPro | UK, and a very productive one it was. With a trip to Leeds, UK, I attended a Microsoft tech day, and got my first look at Windows Server 2016. I tested my first wearable device, a Microsoft Band 2 and I also got a first look at Windows 10 Mobile. 2016 was one to remember.

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Blog: London Site Visit

In my day to day role as an IT Pro, I have to visit customer sites to perform hardware maintenance. Today is one of those on days for me. I was tasked with replacing a failing HDD within a server located in a customer data centre. In modern servers a failed HDD is not a problem, they are hot swap. Unfortunately this server is nearly 15 years old, runs Windows NT4 Workstation, and the drive is buried deep inside the machine. The only option is to visit site and replace it.

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