Blog: Tech On Holiday – FZ45 v Lumia930 v Surface2

I have three devices with me capable of taking photos, the traditional digital camera (FZ45), a smart phone (Lumia 930) & finally my tablet (Surface 2). The Club Hotel Aguamarina overlooks the bay of Arenal d’en Castell, a stunning view.

I have taken the same picture of the bay with each of the three devices, the results are below, Surface is first up, followed by the 930 and lastly the FZ45.


Bay of Arenal d’en Castell taken by Microsoft Surface 2


Bay of Arenal d’en Castell taken by Nokia Lumia 930


Bay of Arenal d’en Castell taken using Panasonic Lumix FZ45

I’m impressed by all three, I’ll let you decide which one wins, but it definitely between the 930 and the FZ45.
Happy holidays
TSP Admin