Gaming: Blood Bowl 2 – Campaign Part 3

After their shock victory over the Death Headz, the Reikand Reavers take their 2-0 record to the Deep Mines, the home stadium of the Grudge Bearers. Formed in 2492, famous for their bookkeeping skills, the Grudge Bearers keep meticulous records on all their opponents, however, could this rookie Reavers team have slipped through the net and taken the Bearers by surprise?

1st Half Highlights…

27 mins: The match is turned on its head, what a block by Arnulf Advar!

31 mins: Touch down

Unfortunately, the stream from Cabal Vision dropped out just as the 2nd half was about to start, so we don’t have any further coverage of the match. Rumour has it that a gang of Snotlings, hired by the owner of the Gouged Eye, bribed the cameraman and cut the feed.

Enjoy the coverage, and I’d like to thank Nufflepedia, the Blood Bowl Wiki for their statistics and history, they are a superb resource for the Blood Bowl fan. Make sure you check them out.

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