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Gaming: Blood Bowl 2 – Campaign Part 3

After their shock victory over the Death Headz, the Reikand Reavers take their 2-0 record to the Deep Mines, the home stadium of the Grudge Bearers. Formed in 2492, famous for their bookkeeping skills, the Grudge Bearers keep meticulous records on all their opponents, however, could this rookie Reavers team have slipped through the net and taken the Bearers by surprise?

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Gaming: Blood Bowl 2 – Campaign Part 1

Its the last week of January 2021, and I at home, stuck in lock-down again. Fortunately, elite sport is continuing which is helping pass the time. The England cricket team are on tour in Sri Lanka, the Premier League is slowly simmering into what looks like a very interesting conclusion come May, but sport alone cant keep occupied for who knows how long during these long winter months. I suspect lock-down will last well into March and probably into April. So with this in mind I thought trying something different would be worth a go, and hopefully fun.

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Gaming: Mass Effect Play Through

Mass Effect, released in 2007 is a third-person adventure/action shooter video game created by the legendary software house Bioware. It tells the story of Commander Shepherd, the first human SPECTRE who is sent on a mission by the Citadel Council to track down Saren, a rogue Turian SPECTRE who had led attacks on various outposts in Citadel space.

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