Certs 1.2 – Network Services & Applications (Network+)

VPN – Site to Site / Host to Site / Host to Host


  • IPSec – Provides authentication & data encryption – Operates at the network layer
  • GRE – Generic Routing Encapsulation, encapsulates the data, operates at network layer & is a CISCO technology.
  • SSL VPN – Main use is eCommerce, uses cryptography (secure authentication & communications)
  • PTP / PPTP – Port 1723 UDP, Point to Point, layer 2, PPTP has been largely replaced by L2TP with IPSec.

RADIUS – Central system to provide AAA (authentication, authorization & accounting)

TACACS+ – AAA solution, but uses TCP, everything is encrypted

RAS – Remote Access Service, used by RADIUS & TACACS

Web Services – Framework for Developers, allows web apps to communicate.

Network Controllers – Advanced NICs with software. Specific controllers for broadband cable systems, voice, satellite and so on.

Brief post this one, however it covers the main points on section 1.2 of the Network+ objectives.

I hope this helps, and thanks for reading.

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