Coronavirus: Day Four 26/03/2020

07:30 – Wake up, listen to 5 Live Breakfast. Drift off back to sleep.

08:30 – Hear Daisy barking downstairs, better get up and check her, she probably wants to go out. Daisy is fine, so I had breakfast, a bowl of Cheerios, toast and a brew.

09:00 – Listened to an interview with David Icke, see below.

12:00 – Lunch, ham sandwiches as usual, crisps, sundried tomatoes & grapes.

13:00 – Listened to 5 Live, reports coming in that the Chancellor Rishi Sunak is going to announce some government support for the self-employed later today in the daily press conference.

15:00 – Agility with Daisy, it’s getting a bit more advanced, see below.

17:00 – The government announce what support they will offer the self-employed. Turns out they will support some, so long as you got your 2018/19 tax return in on the 31st January. They will announce more details about the scheme in the coming days.

18:30 – Dinner, made a spag bol, that should do two meals.

20:00 – Clap for the NHS, everyone in the close was out giving the health workers in the NHS support. Watched Question time on BBC One.

21:00 – Film, Blade Runner 2049. Remember going to the cinema to see this and found it very difficult to watch, hard to follow, confused. The second time around it was much better.

22:00 – Zoom meeting with Dr. Simon Ladds (@simlad) & Dr. Gareth Jones (@jamesgiggs). We discussed the current situation and why we thought some countries seem worse affected than others. Schedule another meeting, same time next week.

23:00 – Bed

Stay safe out there, TSP Admin