Coronavirus: Day Three 25/03/2020

07:30 – wake up, listen to 5 Live Breakfast

08:30 – GMB, talking about the Emergency hospital setup on Excel, approx 2000 beds. That is frightening.

10:00 – Emma Barnett show on 5 Live / Last PMQ’s for quite some time on at 12:00. This will also be Jeremy Corbyn’s last.

12:00 – Listened to PMQ’s. Most of the questions from Jeremy Corbyn & Ian Blackford (SNP) were about what support is going to be provided for the five million self-employed in the UK. PM Boris Johnson confirmed that the Chancellor Rishi Sunak would provide details in tomorrow’s press conference.

Read on twitter that Prince Charles has tested positive for coronavirus.

13:00 – Lunch, ham sandwiches with cheese and crackers.

13:30 – Diary write up.

16:00 – Snack time, tea and biscuits

17:00 – Walk Daisy while listening to the PM’s press conference. Noticed that the play area at the park had been closed off, a sign of the times we live.

18:00 – Watched some of the Lady and the Tramp movie.

18:30 – Mass Effect. Cleared the final two Geth outposts, the mission now moved on to the final planet.

19:30 – Dinner, Mince beef with tomato sauce and sweet potatoes.

21:00 – Lily bath and bed. Paid Plumbs Dairy (£14) & the window cleaner (£12).

22:30 – Bed

Daily spend £26

Slow day this, stay safe TSP Admin