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Blog: Building a Test Lab – Part 2

In this post, the second of the “Building a Test Lab” series, I’ll run through how to build a virtual machine using VirtualBox. Although this is a relatively straight forward task, there are a few things to bear in mind, such as the size and location of the virtual hard disk (VHD), the amount of RAM you allocate to the virtual machine and what naming convention you should use for your suite of VM’s.

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Blog: Building a Test Lab – Part 1

A vital tool in an IT Professional’s armoury is a test bed or lab. In this series of posts and tech notes I’m going to detail how I built my test lab. I will detail what software I use and why, where to download it from, how to install and configure it. In this first post, I’ll run through the host hardware, the Operating System on the host machine, and then the virtualization software. Continue reading